What is this?!

This project comes from the need of having a controlled way of feeding two cats and measure progress on a diet.

My two cats Fraggle and Rock are always fighting for food.

Fraggle being a small cat started gaining weight and it was very hard for her to clean herself.

Rock every day was eating until puking and was very hard to control his food habits. Something had to be done!!!


Technology was called!!

On Daily Food we can find a timelapse of the current day, with graphs that control how much weight there is on the bowl and a neural network is used to find which cat is eating when.

In Neural Network you can see the network training on your browser. If you are learning about neural networks and want a dataset outside the classical CIFAR 10 and similar you can get mine and play with it. Github

The current interaction of the Cat Feeder has the following systems integrated

CatFeeder V2 Hardware

  • Cat Mate C3000 chassis
  • Arduino YUN - Wifi
  • Arduino Uno
  • Capacitance button
  • IR presence sensor
  • Load Sensor hx711
  • 16 Characters display
  • Leds and stuff
  • Ikea BOX
  • Cardboard box with holes


Software Technologies

  • ConvnetJS
  • Python
  • Bootstrap + JQuery
  • Php Gallery (i know!)
  • D3 Charts